Become a fund raiser or yourself donate to FIRE

(1) Host events like book readings, theatre shows, musical and cultural shows, walks, photography, painting or any other talent exhibitions, and anything you can think of.

(2) Help FIRE to become the preferred charity organisation in your work place so your colleagues can donate. You can speak with head, Corporate Social Responsibility for funding FIRE's Initiatives.

(3) Donate to FIRE for its Programs and Initiatives to empower people through education.

(4) On special occasions like birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, request guests to donate to FIRE.

Endorse FIRE's Initiatives

(1) Do an awareness campaign on issues about cyber law and general legal awareness in your work place, and neighbourhood/ community groups or on social networks

(2) Write, discuss, debate on issues about cyber and legal empowerment and FIRE.

(3) Put up our URL and e-badge as your status on your social media profiles for one day every week.

(4) Mention you are volunteer of FIRE /member/ supporter in linked in or other media.