Cyber Awareness Real-time Education(CARE)

The program focuses on interacting with special groups such as caregivers, specially abled, orphanages, old age homes, and NGOs working for welfare of women and children or senior citizens to train them on basic use of computers, ignite entrepreneurship and equip them with skills to use videoconferencing, or access the internet or make basic use of computers. FIRE believes training the care givers also makes difference in lives of people it provides shelter to. FIRE believes in helping the underprivileged and other special groups of people through spreading legal awareness and cyber education.

Key highlights
  1. Program aims to equip caregivers and specially abled, or senior citizens to learn basic skills to operate a computer or mobile phone.
  2. Aims to empower these special groups to learn about technology and benefits it brings to society.
  3. Hands on training by use of computers, and enabling participants to use videoconferencing or messaging, view stories, read books, or watch films.
  4. Inspiring confidence among participants and sensitising them that there is no age bar to learning.
  5. Igniting in participants an urge to learn new skills and spirit of entrepreneurship.