Policy Reform

FIRE undertakes extensive discussions with various stakeholders, including educational institutions, government departments, law enforcement,corporate entities, amongst others on changes required in extant laws of our country. Discussions also involve analysing and studying internal policy frameworks adopted by an institution and suggesting changes therein to reorient itspolicies to strengthen its legal and cyber security frameworks both structurally as well as by training the manpower. Such reviews often include framing of a social media and IT policy in any institution apart from the other policies that govern the smooth functioning of an institution.


Internal policy review

At FIRE we analyse the internal working of an institution, review its policies and compliance with laws. We point out lacunae in existing policy and compliance with laws that are not satisfactory. We change the policy to be legally compliant by adding,deleting or revising the structure/content of policy  and plug the gaps.We then customise the legal documentation for the institution that governs the internal working of an institution and their personnel in a legally sound,seamless and robust manner.

Collaborative policy review

Through its various advocacy initiatives, participation in round tables, seminars and workshops,we sensitize civil society and governments and  collate views of different stakeholders to suggest legal reforms in statutory enactments  and the policies of the government.

Publication based policy review

FIRE engages in policy review through important publications including books, e-books, and papers from time to time. FIRE has undertaken  extensive research on various pertinent issues such as  threats to children and women on internet.A guidebook, Protection of Children on Internet was authored to elucidate the extant laws protecting children from abuse and best practices to safeguard children in cyberspace. The book suggests legal and policy reforms required in India to protect children from online threats.

Press based policy review

FIRE regularly contributes thought provoking views and recommendations to bring policy reforms on pertinent legal issues in print and electronic media. FIRE endorsed the campaign of SwachSochSwach Bharatof News World India to eliminate child pornography from internet and strongly advocated ‘net neutrality is the oxygen of internet’.

WeConnect for policy review

FIRE actively contributes to policy review discussions through thinktanks, online communities, and interest groups on social media impacting change in institutional policies and bringing required reform of laws in India.  FIRE has online communities of volunteers, attendees and interest groups who engage in policy review and bring useful  suggestions to reform laws, practices and policies on pertinent areas such as online child protection and women’s rights or cybersafety.


Internal policy review

FIRE's founder Dr. Karnika Seth advised on following key projects-

  • Contributed to ICANN's policy development process for the next generation internet.
  • The Indian government on creating a robust privacy law regime in the country and bringing amendments in Information technology law.
  • A detailed analysis of e-filing process of court documents for the Supreme Court of India and High court of Delhi and creation of a user manual for its customised software.
  • Advised on changes in digital signature regime of India rendered to CCA,Govt of India
  • Vetting of cyberlaw courses for IGNOU, NLU, e-pathshala courses of UGC,Govt of India

Collaborative policy review

  • GCCS 2017,India, Digital India Government conference, 21 Nov,2017

Dr. Seth represented FIRE at the GCCS 2017 India conference during panel discussion on online child safety held at Gurgaon, Aerocity on 21 November 2017. Joined by Representatives from NCPCR & UNICEF and social activists & educationists.

  • Online safety summit, She the people, Aug 4,2017

FIRE represented in an expert panel discussion on online safety  held at Delhi, by She the People, Aug 4,2017.

  • Securing Cyberspace 2017, Cyber peace foundation conference, Delhi,14-15 July 2017

FIRE was represented  by Dr. Seth at the conference organized by CPF, an NGO , held at Delhi,14-15 July 2017

  • FIRE represented at an expert panel discussion on crimes against women , Delhi, 2017

Dr. Seth Spoke at a session on cybercrimes against women in cyberspace 2017, Delhi Conference.

  • Supporter Participation at the cyberspace 2017 conference in Delhi,2017

FIRE was one of the supporters of Cyberspace 2017 conference by CPF along with GOI and ICANN at the cyberspace 2017 conference in Delhi,2017 attended by 1000+ national and international delegates.

Publications based policy review

Press based Policy review