We follow a carefully structured methodology for every age group.Through various initiatives/ programs on legal and cyber awareness we instill and motivate young children, men & women to be aware of their legal rights and duties, towards their families , community, employers, nation and world as a whole. Through various workshops on cyberlaw we prepare them to face the challenges and threats in the online world with confidence and knowhow required to meet most complex situations with ease .

The workshops/talks and lectures can be half/ one day / series of interactions with different subject areas to address different set of people including children, teachers, parents, women, under priviledged /disabled sections of society or IT professionals, directors of corporate houses, law enforcement , public and private corporations.

Depending on subject theme and duration of a workshop customized teaching materials are prepared as reference, power point presentation and direct interactions are teaching methodology including live demos or usage of useful tips/tools or sharing important reference material .


Teaching materials
  1. Short films
  2. Use of written modules
  3. Power point presentation
  4. Assessment through MCQs
  5. Certificate of participation
  6. List of references further reading