Board of Advisors

Dr. Triveni Singh is well known as the top cybercop of India. He has wide experience in dealing with complex cases related with Cyber Crimes,Anti-Corruption, Vigilance, Money Laundering and Economic Offences.Dr. Triveni Singh specializes in cybercrime, cybersafety and promotes capacity building initiatives in the law enforcement on building cyber awareness in India.


Sebastian is a Director and CSO of Deloitte India with over 40 years of experience in the field of digital forensics and fraud investigation, Security, Vigilance and Training. This includes nearly 10 years with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), 2 years GMR Group and 20 years with the Indian Air Force.

His commitment to the cause of "child safety" has associated him with organisations such as International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and he actively contributes through research, trainings and various capacity building initiatives.


Mr. Krishan has served as Inspector General (Law and Order) of Meghalaya. He has been an advisor (POSCO),to National Commission For the Protection of Child Rights and has been actively associated with its capacity building and awareness programs to combat child sexual abuse, crimes against children and child trafficking.


Dr. Balhara is a renowned psychiatrist working in the area of addiction disorders, behavioral addiction, internet addiction and mental health in the AIIMS' Behavioral Addiction Clinic.

He serves on the editorial board of academic journals and has presented his research work at various international forums and scientific conferences. Dr Balhara has authored several articles/journals in the field of Psychiatry and mental health  and is actively engaged in various capacity building activities.


Ms. Neelam Singh has been associated with the child rights movement since 1992 and with social development sector since 1986. She has been a consultant to various national as well as international organizations like ECPAT International, UNICEF India, Breakthrough Trust, HAQ working for child rights. She has undertaken various country level surveys of children, reviews and evaluations of projects on issues concerning children.


Dr. Raheja is Director of Hope Care, a leading organisation that has been reaching out and working with people for mental well being, cyber wellness, and treat addiction, anxiety and other psychological issues impacting children and adults . He strongly supports educational , training and awareness programs linked with cyber safety , and associates with various forums and think tanks to promote psychological well being and online safety campaigns.


Ms. Karuna Bishnoi is an independent consultant with over 4 decades of experience in social development work, child rights, capacity building, policy and development. She has been an independent consultant to UNICEF and has made significant research contributions to UNICEF, NCPCR and other govt bodies on child rights.