This program was launched in 2015. The aim of this program is to impart cyber law skills to people, corporates and professionals who need to know the best practices to adopt cyber safety. It is a long term strategic cyber empowerment program that will create an empowered society through awareness & transformative learning practices!! It enables integrated community development, and lays emphasis on building safe surfing practices & leadership through education.

Key highlights
  1. Attending the programme is beneficial for all age group of persons and programme focuses on digital awareness and wellness as key objectives.
  2. Programme is beneficial for online business operators, professionals, lawyers, IT personnel and is aimed at creating cyber empowerment.
  3. The programme discusses important cybernetiquette and internet safety measures, both technical and social.
  4. Explains key online concepts of freedom of speech, digital contracting , online money, surveillance, online businesses, social media laws, etc.
  5. Advises on IT law compliance of e business, liability of Internet service provider.
  6. Discusses landmark cases & both civil and criminal laws that govern the Internet , including IT Act,2000.
  7. Explains the essential parameters required in a basic IT policy of a company, employee's rights and social media law.